Nigerian student solves old 30 math problem

Efot Ekong

Efot Ekong, a Nigerian student at Tokai University in Japan, has solved an intractable mathematical equation since 30 years ago. The little genius reserves however many other surprises at the height of his last exploit.

Efot Ekong is an unusual student. He has recently solved an intractable mathematical equation for more than thirty years during his first semester at Tokai University, Japan. But the young prodigy did not stop there in his daily performances.

This Nigerian student from Tokai University in Japan has accumulated academic achievements and patents. Already a graduate in electrical engineering, the young man continues his studies to specialize in robotics. But the Nigerian student did not stop there. Indeed, he has received the best results of the last fifty years from his Japanese university, Tokai University in Tokyo. University also very prestigious at Japan.

To continue on the path of excellence, Ufot Ekong has won numerous awards. In total, the student has accumulated 6 award for academic excellence since the beginning of his studies. To increase the difficulty and the challenge, the young man also holds two jobs next to his classes to finance his studies.

Ekong also speaks four languages: English, French, Japanese and Yoruba, his mother tongue. Since he does not seem to be doing things in half, the young man won the prize for the best student in Japanese language for foreigners. Regarding patents, Ekong already has two in his name for the design of electric cars.


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