Allegory of the freed slave

Photo: Departure film
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The 27 APRIL 1848 the decree on the abolition of slavery was signed. This text legally prohibits slavery but are we really free?

The chains missing from our wrists are still present in our unconscious because the iron of our shackles has been replaced by an even more degrading cage. Although our bodies were no longer flogged, the stigma remains in our minds. This wound does not heal because it reminds us of a throbbing pain: that of the memory of all the moral humiliations. Because, we are still slaves of our memory and our past. Unconsciously, we are conditioned to repeat these sufferings, as if to reproduce a sadomasochistic game, the one we were doing with our master. This is how in today's society we unwittingly resemble the image of the master.

But is not this the height of insanity? Do we still need to have irons on our feet and wrists to notice how much the black man is still enslaved?

After removing all reminiscences of our history, our cultures and our religions, we have been granted the right to go to school to learn their history, their culture and their language but this is not a new conditioning? We were the clay they put in their mold and now we are the vases they sell and decorate their environment. Moving from the status of animal to that of object, this is our new "human" condition. We do not need blinkers for the blind who we are ...

To control the thoroughbred, they just put a bridle on the head of the horse so that the wild animal is tamed, losing, his energy, his passion, his freedom. From abolished slaves, we became slaves-freed, but not free beings, because physical slavery gave way to an even tougher and cruel opponent. This invisible adversary reigns supreme in our subconscious and directs our existence with an iron hand. This polycephalic chimera, the main obstacle to our liberation, is called illusion, ignorance and conditioning. To overcome it, we must draw on the sources of our History, and access direct knowledge. This is how the light will cast out the mist of ignorance and we will be free at last.

By Matthieu Grobli

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