The teachings of Krishnamurti (Audio) 5 (100)

Jiddu Krishnamurti was an orator on fundamental philosophical and spiritual topics. After having publicly.

Benefits and virtues of clay 5 (1)

Clay is an intelligent material that has innumerable virtues. It is anti-inflammatory, healing, antiseptic, disinfiltrante ,.

Commentary on Life - Jiddu Krishnamurti (Audio)

Throughout his life, Krishnamurti has rejected accepted ideas, religions, religions.

You can heal your heart - Louise Hay (Audio) 5 (100)

In this book Louise Hay and David Kessler began a conversation about capacity.

Meditation, the path of perfection - Osho Rajneesh (Audio) 5 (1)

In June 1964, in the remote mountains of Rajastan, North India, a group.

Oil Nigel heals all infections 5 (100)

The sacred oil of nigella is from the seeds of a small flower that grows in the shade.

What is the meaning of the flag of the kamite rebirth? 5 (100)

Meaning of the colors of the Kamite Revival Flag The colors red-black-green-yellow represent three molecules.

General History of Africa (Videos) 5 (100)

Why today are we talking about global Africa and not about globalized Africa? Because the.

The benefits of nigella oil

The sacred oil of nigella is from the seeds of a small flower that grows in the shade.

The seven metaphysical concepts of Man 5 (101)

The Egyptians thought that every individual consisted of seven elements: the body, the name ,.

The teachings of Mooji (Videos) 5 (100)

Mooji is a Jamaican spiritualist. He gives lectures. He is one of a hundred people.

What are the four noble truths? 5 (100)

The four noble truths are the original teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha formulated in the sermon of.

The mysteries of sexuality: The power of sex 5 (1)

Have you not read that he who created man at the beginning of the world created a man?

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