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saturday, december 3, 2022

Secrets of beauty of chocolate

For years I've felt guilty for hours on end for the rare times I put my tooth on a square of chocolate. An international conspiracy has taken root in my brain...

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Origin and history of bogolan

Bogolan in Bambara means “bogo” clay and “lan” to put. Bogolan is a very old traditional technique of vegetable dyeing practiced in West Africa but essentially valued...

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Beauty treatments from the Sahara

Sometimes thousands of years old, these treatments from the Sahara desert are nevertheless the new trend treatments in spas around the world. Camel milk: the beauty and health active ingredient....

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Braids: an ancestral African art

This morning on twitter, Christiane Taubira, Keeper of the Seals tweeted this: "The republic is made ugly by our renunciations and embellished by our fights. It is an incandescence that must be brought to life...

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