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saturday, december 3, 2022

The griotique - Touré Aboubakar Cyprien

La griotique, a scenic concept to translate the poetic orality of black Africans in all its modernity and authenticity. The author proceeds, on the occasion of his memoirs and reflections on griotism,...

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The sob of the black man - Alain mabanckou

Alain Mabanckou contributes greatly to the promotion and influence of French-speaking literature through his activity as a teacher in the United States, novelist, poet, essayist, literary adviser even for...

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Kinky without constraint

Finally a book in French on the maintenance of natural frizzy hair. Crépue et Re-Belle invites you to discover the author and her book through a short interview. CRB! : A...

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Another story - Claude Ribbe

Claude Ribbe lifts a corner of the veil on another story. It helps to better understand the France of yesterday and today. Since the 15th century, France has ventured on...

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Lady B - Maya Angelou

Last volume of the autobiography of Maya Angelou, writer and African-American activist, published in France a few months after her death, Lady B constitutes a magnificent declaration to her mother. Maya Angelou...

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As long as I'm black - Maya Angelou

As long as I am black - Maya Angelou An emblematic figure in the history of the United States, Maya Angelou committed herself body and soul to the American 20th century. The story of this book...

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African Religion – Mbog Bassong

We have just seen in the conclusion of chapter 3 that Christianity draws from the kamit thought of the Pharaonic period the essential of its virtues. The notions of birth by...

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Quilombos back palmares

The quilombos of Brazil were disseminated throughout the territory during the three and a half centuries that slavery lasted there. The history of the quilombos is the one that emerges from the texts...

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