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saturday, december 3, 2022


Cosmogonies Ife

Olorun, the supreme god, sent his eldest son Obatala, to create the world on the surface of the swampy primordial waters. To do this, he gave her celestial sand and a hen...

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Dogon mythology

Before things begin, Amma appears. Later, the women will pick them up in the sky to give them to their children and these will pierce them with a spindle and...

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What is Mbog?

The Bassa-Mpoo-Bati, a people of southern Cameroon, call the Mbog strito sensu “Mbog Liaa”. The term "liaa" means in French the stone, the rock or the rock. In short...

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The Bambara cosmogony

Among the bambara "BENA BAMBARA", "MAA" is the person-receptacle then "MAAYA" represent the various aspects of "MAA". A BAMBARA expression says: "MAA KA MAAYA KA CA A YERE KONO" which...

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