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saturday, december 3, 2022

Library of Religions (PDF)

Religion should be a means of social cohesion rather than synonymous with divisions. For, There are many paths that lead to the kingdom, but only one God for...

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Library of Theosophy (PDF)

The Theosophical Society is a non-sectarian body whose purposes are: To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of mankind without distinction of race, sex or color, to encourage...

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Kamite Revival Library (PDF)

The Kamites go towards knowledge, direct knowledge, because an ignoramus or a repeater of the theories and science of others is not a Kamite. We can not...

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Spirituality Library (PDF)

Spirituality is not a religious system or a cultural philosophy. It is an experience, independent of any belief, religion or dogma. Click on a book to open it in PDF

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Initiation Library (PDF)

Library Initiation Initiation is the process by which a novice acquires a higher spiritual status through the acquisition of knowledge and admission to the activities of a religious community, a secret society...

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Occult and Esoteric Library (PDF)

Occultism designates all the occult arts and sciences (alchemy, astrology, magic, divination, occult medicine) relating to the secrets of nature, to what is not visible. Esotericism is the set of...

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New Age Education Library (PDF)

Education fails when it gives primacy to technique, and is unable to resolve psychological conflicts. Education should help to think intelligently. Click on a book to open it...

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Comic Book Library (PDF)

For the production of these comic strips on African history, Unesco called on illustrators from different African countries. Click on a book to open it in PDF

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