A scientific explanation for miraculous healings and the power of prayer

Water crystal

Intention is fundamental to any healing work. Prayer being the most obvious expression. The intention would have the capacity to transmit precise information to the energy field. For example, Dr. Laskow has demonstrated that it is possible to inhibit the growth of cultured cancer cells in the order of 18% by the mere use of intention. He increased this result to a rate of 40% by associating a second intention with the first This intention was intended to balance the cell growth rate to a normal level.

The healer can also combine the intention with the transfer of energy to increase its healing power. It has been shown that the intentional treatment associated with what is commonly called the laying on of hands has had the effect of reducing effects of antibiotic substances on bacteria. It is therefore clear that the intention to heal can positively influence health. The healer therefore has every advantage in combining it with an energy treatment.

But how can one explain that intention can positively influence life?

Research using a device to record brain waves on magnetisers and their patients confirms that there is a real connection between the therapist and the patient. It has been observed that the brain waves of the caregiver and the caregiver tend to harmonize as care is taken. This connection would be, in a way, the bridge allowing the therapist to tune himself to his patient. It is possible to believe that this famous connection would allow the healer to access the energy field of his partner. He would thus have a way to convey intentions that would influence his energy field.

Since the beginning of time, the healer has been given the ability to use the energy of love. This connection that the healer can create is undoubtedly an expression of a loving energy of compassion located in the chakra of the heart. This skill of the healer would occur when the healer dispels his bodily boundaries to travel in the energy field of his partner. He could then tune into the energy of his partner to influence his energy field with a positive intention.

By using intuitive decoding, the healer can not only tune in with the energy of his partner, but he can also understand the rationale for imbalances and identify an intention that will perfectly meet their needs. The intuitive healer will be able to perform a care that will be more in harmony with the needs of his partner.

To explain what the intuitive healer perceives and how he can influence the energy field of a partner, it is necessary to approach quantum therapy. It proposes the idea that the brain functions as a hologram in which we find all the virtual possibilities that can be manifested in the psychic, emotional and physical domains. These virtual possibilities are created according to our life story and the programming that we produce without our knowledge. They are perceived by the intuitive therapist in the form of past events or undiscounted potentials. I believe that it is possible by intuitive decoding to perceive these virtual realities and that one can thus understand the beliefs and programming that one inflicts on oneself. By the intention it is possible to interact with these energies in order to give them what they are needed to free them from their programming thus favoring a balance. I believe that it is therefore possible to influence the virtual realities so that the energy field can be more in harmony with the deep essence of its being.

Quantum physics tends to prove that space is a matter lively, vibrant and intelligent. It's an energy field that unifies the whole universe (the divine matrix), with which we inter-react at every moment of our life by the thoughts we have and the feelings we feel.

By understanding the language of human emotion that allows us to communicate with this field, we have the power to heal the evils that affect us personally as well as collectively.

The drop of water vibrates at the frequencies it "hears" by drawing geometric shapes. The higher the frequencies, the more geometric shapes it takes organized, beautiful and complex.

Unbelievable! the consequences of these observations are considerable: knowing that we are composed of 70% waterImagine the effects of vibratory waves on each of our water molecules, so our whole body.

Now, not only music is a set of frequency but the penThe words, the persons, the colors and the forms also have a more or less frequent frequency.

Dr. Emoto (he is actually a doctor of alternative medicine) uses a technique to put in evidencee the concept of "water memory". It consists of freezing water and to photograph the crystals formed in a molecule of water subjected to various vibrations: music like Mozart, Bach or Beethoven, prayers, thoughts of hatred or love ...

Now let's see an application that can not be more concrete of all these studies with a master of Chi-lel Qi Gong who has been working with hospitals in China for more than eight years, and successfully treated more than 180 different diseases.

In the video that I present to you, you will witness in real time the disappearance of a cancerous polyp of the bladder by the use of the vital energy of the Qi and prana (vital principle of breath).

It's incredible : the tumor disappears before your eyes while the therapists sing a keyword that has been chosen by the patient and the therapists, keyword which means that it is already cured and that it is already accomplished.

The explanation: high frequency (the Qi based on the spirit of the divine matrix) dissolve the material (the tumor) which is only a solidification of a lower frequency.

SOURCE: http://www.meditationfrance.com/archive/2014/0706.htm

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