In ancient Egypt, prisoners were called "skr-cnh" which means "captive"


In ancient Egypt, prisoners were called "skr-cnh" which means "captive". It was the same in all kama, the prisoner was a captive who had rights and who enjoyed a certain freedom, he was not a slave, an object, nor something that could be assaulted all kinds abuse. The word slave does not find its roots in Africa, but in Europe, where the respect of the human being is far from being in agreement with the spiritual conception of the Africans.

Moreover, according to the Italian sailor Ca Da Mosto, they captured slaves, baptized them, taught them Portuguese, decked them with European names, and then escorted them back to Africa to capture and sell other slaves; Add to this a considerable number of criminals, assassins, and Portuguese brigands, and a system of raids was obtained which lasted more than 400 years.

Let's take a few moments in the context of the facts; you are African on your land armed with a bow, an arrow and a shield and come to your home hostile white men armed with rifles, cannons, which have only one goal, capture the maximum of blacks (the black gold of the time) in every possible way. We recall that the basis of trade is the exchange of goods or processes. Where is the trade? Let us be fair and intelligent in our reflections, these leaders did not choose to sell, but were forced to, otherwise why did not they do it before the invasion of their country by the whites.

Some excerpts from Mr Bwemba-Bong's book "When the African was the black gold of Europe, MENAIBUC editions".
King Alfonso 1er (NzingaMbemba) king of Kongo: "every day the merchants kidnap our subjects, children of this country, sons of our nobles and vassals, people of our relatives (...) to avoid this abuse, we did not need in this kingdom that priests and a few people to teach in schools (...) it is our will that this kingdom is a place neither slave trade nor transit "
King Tezifon of Allada "You will build a house in which you will first put two small pieces of cannon, the following year you will build four, and in a short time your factory will transform into a fort that will make you master of my states and make you able to impose laws on me. "
Almany, king of the Muslims and all the principal of his country ... we warn you that all those who come to us to do the trade will be killed and massacred if you do not send back our children ... we do not absolutely want you to buy Muslims or near and far

African people have always resisted the slave trade. Their fight against the slavers engendered the destruction of all the kingdoms of Africa, which can not resist against better armed invaders. It followed the establishment at the head of the kingdoms, by the slave countries, African puppet kings or whites with African names who will be considered in our time as Africans selling their fellows with satisfaction.
"It is revealing to see that the question of patriotic betrayal, which concerns the whole of humanity, becomes problematic and culpabilizing only for the Africans of the slave-era. It hides something! Europeans have massively captured and sold their peers for centuries to the Arabs to take advantage of the slave trade of the time. The French massively sold to the Germans during the Second World War. They even sold thousands of Jews with the complicity of the high authorities of the State ... in the French case, we put forward the resistant Jean Moulin and in the African cases, we become amnesic. Some Indians served as scouts in the American troops during the conquest of the west .., the Chinese attached to the government in the colonial era were pro-Anglo-Saxon, but we come to a trial only to Africans saying that they sold their brothers. The very notion of brothers took on its real meaning only after the colonization that crushed all the African peoples in the same mold. Before they were peoples united or not by alliances, feudal or not. Western historians approach pre-colonial history by proclaiming that the African kings, indulging in unjustified wars, ended up with an immense stock of slaves that had to be sold at all costs. It is incompetence and pure intellectual dishonesty. "

[(Author kamit Serge Bonza)]

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