Nappy me, the application that revolutionizes the beauty of hair afros

In a few weeks, the concept will be launched and we already predict a full carton for this application that will revolutionize the beauty of hair afros. Project Community, Nappyme allows Afro, Afro-Caribbean and Afro-American women to easily get in touch, to exchange hairdressing and other beauty services. Behind this concept, a team of young African entrepreneurs who launch this bright idea. The value does not wait for the number of years! Confirmation with this project!


The start-up nappyme, having developed the mobile application of the same name, was founded by a team of young Africans living in Paris and graduated from major French business schools and engineers. Active for a few years in the Parisian and European tech startups, they are very familiar with the community to which they are addressing and their problems in terms of beauty.


To answer a double problematic.

In an environment that seems to change little in terms of offers, Afro women share the same difficulties to find a person capable of lavishing, with their hair, the care they expect. Many hairdressers, professional or self-taught, seek in parallel to make recognize their know-how in the beauty of hair afros. The mobile application nappyme allows connect afros women who want to get their hair done (but also makeup, manicure, etc.) and those who master this art.

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A key, quality services home, In a friendly atmosphere and lower cost for some, a means of become known and recognize for others.


The nappyme application is not less than true revolution in the afro beauty industry. Unique in a growing market and in perfect harmony with the expressed needs of the women concerned, the service it offers is a useful innovation: digital technology, which is now ubiquitous in our society, also serves the Afro beauty.


The revolution is running, join Nappy me!


Those interested can already become members of the nappyme community and enjoy the benefits of the network by registering online on

The mobile application will, for its part, officially unveiled in a few weeks. People already registered on the site can then use it in preview. If the launch is planned in Paris, a progressive deployment in Europe, the United States and Africa will intervene thereafter.

CONTACT: Angel BOUABLE - 06 16 86 92 01WebsiteFacebookPhoto Credits: Nappyme


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