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saturday, december 3, 2022


2025, the revolution on the lands of Kama

Time was unraveling and the last grains of sand were falling from the hourglass. Everything had been revealed in the pharmacies. In the athanor, all the ingredients were gathered for the transmutation. At...

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Origin of the religious spirit

Religions draw their strength from fear. This is why they are always subject to conflicts, exclusions and wars. During the propaganda, the religious kill in the name...

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Tribute to our ancestors

Where are our fathers? Where are our landmarks? In the past, they were the family ligands, the cements of cohesion and the wind roses on the way to our identity markers....

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What is a real kamite?

A KAMITE is not (only) a black-skinned person, but a descendant of Kama aware of his history who remains dignified even after 400 years of slavery and 150 years of...

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Once upon a time, genesis

Originally, the primordial waters formed a chaotic mass that contained the quintessence of all things. This mass was so dense and compact that it looked like a black stone. At...

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The true religion

Religion draws its power from fear. We are afraid of punishment, we are afraid of death, we are afraid of hell. It seems to bring...

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Life, a waking dream

Look at the chimerical nature of men… We are so preoccupied and anxious that we lose the flame of attention. We walk like programmed automatons, making our daily life a...

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