The 8 proposals of Pierre Rabhi to live taking care of life

The 8 proposals of Pierre Rabhi to live taking care of life

"The planet Earth is to this day the only oasis of life that we know in an immense sidereal desert. To take care of them, to respect their physical and biological integrity, to take advantage of their resources in moderation, to establish peace and solidarity between them, respecting all forms of life, is the most realistic project, the most magnificent is. "

The following propositions are taken from the International Charter for Earth and Humanism, written by Pierre Rabhi for the movement Hummingbirds, from his book Vers la Sobriété Heureuse, published in 2010 by Actes-Sud.

More than just ideas, these proposals reinvent a model of society to offer an alternative to today's world. For time to stop being only money, for the silence to become wonderful again, so that the logic of profit without limits gives way to that of the living, so that the beats of our hearts do not sound like engines to explosion, and finally to live and take care of life.

1: Agroecology, for an organic and ethical farming

Of all the human activities, agriculture is the most indispensable, because no human being can do without food. Agroecology, which we advocate as a life ethic and agricultural technique, enables people to regain their autonomy, their food safety and their food safety, while regenerating and preserving their nourishing heritage.

2: Relocate the economy to make sense of it

Produce and consume locally is an absolute necessity for the security of populations with regard to their basic and legitimate needs. Without being closed to complementary exchanges, the territories would then become autonomous cradles, valuing and caring for their local resources. Agriculture on a human scale, crafts, small businesses, etc., should be rehabilitated so that the maximum of citizens can become players in the economy.

3: The feminine at the heart of change

The subordination of the feminine to a male world outrageous and violent remains one of the great handicaps to the positive evolution of the human race. Women are more likely to protect life than to destroy it. We must pay homage to women, guardians of life, and listen to the feminine that exists in all of us.

4: Happy sobriety against the "always more"

Faced with the "always more" indefinite that ruins the planet for the benefit of a minority, sobriety is a conscious choice inspired by reason. It is an art and an ethics of life, source of satisfaction and deep well-being. It represents a political positioning and an act of resistance in favor of the land, sharing and equity.

5: Another education to learn while marveling

We wish with all our reason and with all our heart an education which is not based on the anxiety of failure but on the enthusiasm to learn. Who abolishes the "every man for himself" to exalt the power of solidarity and complementarity. Who puts the talents of everyone at the service of all. An education that balances the openness of the mind with abstract knowledge with the intelligence of hands and concrete creativity. Which links the child to nature, to which he owes and will always have to survive, and awakens him to beauty, and to his responsibility for life. For all this is essential to the elevation of his consciousness.

6: Embodying utopia

Utopia is not the chimera but the "non-place" of all possibilities. Faced with the limits and impasses of our model of existence, it is a life drive, capable of making possible what we consider impossible. Today's utopias are the solutions of tomorrow. The first utopia is to embody in ourselves, because social change will not happen without the change of humans.

7: The earth and humanism

We recognize in the earth, the common good of humanity, the sole guarantor of our life and our survival. We commit ourselves consciously, under the inspiration of an active humanism, to contribute to respect for all forms of life and to the well-being and fulfillment of all human beings. Finally, we consider beauty, sobriety, fairness, gratitude, compassion, solidarity as indispensable values ​​for the construction of a viable and liveable world for all.

8: The logic of the living as a basis for reasoning

We consider that the current dominant model is unworkable and that a paradigm shift is essential. It is urgent to place the human and nature at the heart of our concerns and to put all our means and skills at their service

By Mathieu Doutreligne


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