The baya or the art of African seduction

To seduce a man, apart from their personality, women have several tricks and weapons choices. Each one chooses what seems to him the most effective: make-up, clothes, hairstyle ... which come to decorate their "parade". Some tactics are universal. Others are peculiar to peoples. In Africa, this little thing that is recognized as capable of falling a man is the baya ...

the "baya" is a set or necklace of pearls used by African women as an ornament of their hip. 'Afflema' in Akan or '' Baya '' in Malinke. It has a particular objective: Seduction. Thus in Africa it is the ideal weapon to turn the head of the desired man.

"Baya", like "L'afflema", is made up of various raw materials such as porcelain, rubber, excrement of a rare species of butterfly, rock and wood. These pearls usually come from Indochina, Morocco and Lebanon. In West Africa, it is Mali, Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana. The '' Baya '' is made in Senegal by the '' Laoubè '' who are Fulani.

To increase the mystical powers of '' Baya '', it is advisable to use a perfume called '' Nimmalin '', an Oussounan that means in Wolof "I'm drunk on you". It is used to tame and retain one's spouse at home. Senegalese women and Malian women have their ultimate secret: Baya. What can be said then about Akan women who have their daughter put '' Baya '' in gold during the first weeks of her marriage? The family of the bride, to better seduce their son-in-law, adorns the body of their daughter with pearls. The red beads are used to support the '' Kodjo '' There are also beads for the knees and forearms. It is advisable to wear the '' Baya '' with the 'Pindal betcho' which is a piece of loincloth just reaching the knees. The new bride has to highlight her red beads during the small talk-debates before the actual reports. All these tips are for the sole purpose of seducing his Jules.

As you can see, the '' Baya '' is also an aphrodisiac that makes men lose their heads apart from being an object of protection against evil spirits. But with modernization, this dress is losing its value in favor of the chains that women also use around their hip. Always for the sole purpose of seducing.

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