At the origin of religion: the hidden name of God

The Amon God
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Religion is the crucible of humanity and the keystone of our society because it is not only what binds men together; It also gives an identity to a people. The first religion was universal. It was that of Love. Self-love, Love of one's family, love of one's country, and love of all mankind and transcendental love. Love, the ligand that connects people to each other, was the most shared thing in the world at that time.

There was only one people, one language, one religion, one God ...

God was so close to His creature that He conversed with her. He knew every human as well as every human being personally knew God and called him by his Name.

Thus, knowing the Laws of Nature and the Sacred Name of God, humanity lived in harmony and communion with God.

But one day, men committed hatred, wars and iniquity and fell out of favor. So God withdrew ...

They called him by His name but God did not answer ...

Their prayers and their incense no longer went up to heaven, their libations and their sacrifices remained without effect ...

So they built a huge scaffolding to get closer to the sky. But the more the buildings rose, the more God departed from humanity and no longer wanted any man to pronounce his name.

Thus did God loosen the tongues and scatter His people to the four corners of the earth. Since that day, no one knows the true name of God and pronounces it different.

Thus, the name of God was never pronounced in the same way, so men believed that it was a different God; For centuries, victim of this illusion, they quarreled and made fratricidal wars. They killed each other in wars of religion and blew the blood of the innocent in the name of their God. The wrath of God fell even more violently upon them, for they had committed the homicide. In search of repentance and reparation, these assassins, disguised as saints, built mosques, churches and temples for their own supplication and prayers. For the expiation of their iniquities, they called him with a myriad of epithets so that God would respond favorably to them:

Toru El (the bull god), El Ôlam, (Genesis 21.23), El Elyon (God Most High), El Shaddai ("Almighty God"), El `Olam (" eternal God "), El 'Haï ( "Living God"), El Ro'i ("God seeing"), El Elohe Israel ("God, the Elohim of Israel"), El Guibor ("God the Strong") ... but God did not answer

Al-Quddūs (The Sanctified), Al-Ghaffār (He is the one who forgives what He wants to whom He wants), Al-Haqq (The Truth: Allah is the absolute truth), Al-Bāsit (Is He who liberates, increase and multiply his good according to a wisdom) ... but God did not answer

Over the years, because of His silence and His distance, God was called the Most High, the Unknowable, the Hidden ...

True, the name of God was lost forever and no one could call it by its real name, but we still had the stamp of His signature.

Indeed, thanks to the hieroglyphs, still called Medou Neter or "words of God", His Name was engraved on unalterable blocks: Amon (JMN) "the hidden God" of the Egyptians.

But how to pronounce JMN?

Since vocalization varies from one language to another, we find transcripts of the same word JMN in the form Imen, Imon, Amen, Amon or Amun.

Amāna for the Babylonians, Amūnu for the Assyrians, Amen for the Christians, Amin for the Muslims, Amma for the Dogons, Imana for the Rwandans and Burundians, Nyame for the Ashanti and the Akans ...

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to know precisely the vocalization of the Name of God.But the only certainty we can establish is that through all these languages, Man wanted to express the same thing: THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD FOR ALL.

Written by Matthieu Grobli

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