The Secret Doctrine - HP Blavatsky (PDF)

The secret doctrine

The Secret Doctrine, synthesis of science, religion and philosophy is a book originally published in two volumes in 1888, a major work by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. The entire work consists of six volumes. The first part of the book is the translation and commentary of an unknown book in an unknown language: Dzyan's Book. This part explains the origins of the universe, in terms derived from the Hindu concept of Yugas, that is to say by long periods of time through which the world is supposed to have evolved. The system is completed by a principle of "rounds", a kind of cosmic cycle or sequence of an evolution of being, through various stages of existence through which the Earth, the Solar System or the Cosmos in their manifestation.

The second part of the book describes the origins of humanity through seven "root races" or "humanities", dating back several million years. According to Helena Blavatsky, the first root race, the Shhâyâs, would be "etheric" or "polar", and the second would have lived in Hyperborea. The third race root was that of Lemuria while the fourth, that of Atlantis.

According to Helena Blavatsky, the current fifth root race, called Aryan, would date from approximately one million years ago. It would be superimposed with the fourth root race (Atlante) and the origins of this fifth root race would be approximately in the middle of the fourth. There would remain two other root races to come (the sixth and the seventh). For Helena Blavatsky, however, some individuals would be the last descendants of the lemurian race, which although composed of "humans", was considered as still close to the animal kingdom. The "natives of Tasmania" or "a tribe of mountains in China" are, she says, the last descendants of the lemur root-race. There would be a considerable number of descendants of "lemuro-Atlantean" peoples, produced by many crossings, through "Borneo's wild men, the Bushmen, the Ceylon Veddhas and some rare tribes of Africa". Finally, Helena Blavatsky explains that "The Semites, and especially the Arabs, are more recent Aryans - spiritually degenerate and materially perfected. To this category belong all Jews and Arabs. "

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