Reflect and become rich - Napoleon Hill (PDF)


You have in your hands one of the most powerful books in the world. This book reveals the plan followed by those who made their fortune. You will follow in turn, learning from page to page how to put it immediately into practice. What makes a man able to move quickly in life, earn money, multiply goods, be happy while another can not even start? What allows a man to possess a great personal power, whereas another one is totally deprived of it? What allows one to solve his problems and always find, despite the obstacles of life, the road that leads to the realization of his dreams, while the other struggles, fails and can not nothing?

Several years ago, Andrew Carnegie, then one of the richest men in the world, initiated Napoleon Hill into the big secret. He instructed him not only to discover how successful those who use it, but also to study their methods and bring them together into one to give to the world. She would be the plan.

Reflect and become rich reveals this secret and gives you this plan. The book was published in 1937 and since then 42 editions have been published. This one, updated, contains several new elements likely to help with the understanding of the work, including the concise memorandum which summarizes each chapter. You will know the only method that can overcome all obstacles, satisfy any ambition and is an inexhaustible source of success.

This book has the power to transform your life. You will soon know why and how some people become very rich because you will be one of them.

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