Three plants to make you stop smoking definitely

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Why stop smoking ?

The harmful effects of tobacco on the body are known, well documented and widely publicized

- respiratory diseases
- cardiovascular illnesses
- premature aging
- destruction of cell membranes
- destruction of vitamin C
- cardiac risk multiplied by six
- risk of diabetes multiplied by two
- incapacity…

Is the electronic cigarette a better alternative?

A scientific study in mice has just shown that high-dose inhalation of electronic cigarette vapor increases sensitivity to respiratory infections and releases free radicals.

At Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA), Professor Thomas Sussan and his team wanted to know if mice exposed to vapors of electronic cigarettes were or were not more susceptible to respiratory infections. To find out, they had a first group of rodents in an inhalation chamber. The animals breathed e-cigarette fumes for two weeks, apparently at levels equivalent to those of human exposure. In the second group, the mice breathed in the open air.

To measure vulnerability to infection, the scientists divided each of the two groups into three subgroups: in the first, the mice received - nasally - drops containing a bacterium (Streptococcus pneumoniae) causing pneumonia and of sinusitis. In the second, they were exposed to an influenza virus type A. In the third, they received neither bacteria nor virus.

The results are available in the journal Plos One. In the end, the researchers found that mice that had inhaled e-cigarette fumes were far more susceptible to infection. "Fumes inhibit the ability of mice to fight off viral or bacterial infections that come into their lungs," says Thomas Sussan. The authors show that these vapors release free radicals, in other words toxic substances that can alter the DNA.

So how to stop smoking?

  • The Gymnema sylvestris
    To improve the taste of blond cigarettes, tobacco leaves are sprayed with sugar and sweeteners. However, the Gymnema sylvestres has the amazing property of suppressing the sensation of sweetness. For immediate effect, open the contents of one capsule, leave it on the tongue for 30 seconds. Spit. Chewing Gymnema sylvestres can be renewed before each cigarette. We are then unable to detect the sweet taste. The urge to smoke is then greatly diminished. The Gymnema sylvestres, moreover, lose all their interest in compensatory nibbling. For prolonged effect and to avoid weight gain, swallow 6 capsules daily.

  • Le Griffonia
    This African legume is considered a "prozaclike". It regenerates neurotransmitters (tryptophan, serotonin). Thanks to its anti-depressive action, the seed of this small African plant (Griffonia simplicifolia) avoids the famous depression and nervousness or anxiety that accompany a sudden stop. Griffonia contains 5-htp, a precursor of serotonin, itself a precursor of melatonin. Its action on morale and sleep has been confirmed by several studies and has even been found to have a moderating effect on appetite. Studies have shown, a few years ago, that serotonin sends messages to the brain to regulate appetite and satiety. Recently scientists have highlighted its antidepressant action. Take 6 capsules a day.

  • The kudzu
    Another plant stands out kudzu. This plant is opposed to addictions to tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
    Take 3 times 2 capsules daily as well as vitamin B6.


Take a month before stopping 10 drops of buds glycerine macerate bloody dogwood. This will clean the arteries.

At the time of the stop, start a glycerine macerate glycerine bud cure at 2 times 10 drops daily for a month to detoxify the body.

To fight against the effect of lack, anxiety or nervousness, use lime glycerine macerate buds at the rate of 20 drops in the morning and 15 drops at night.

Essential oils

The best antidote to tobacco is the essential oil of Myrtle of Morocco. Apply 4 to 5 drops on the throat several times a day.

To inhale at any time
Mix three parts of lemon essence (detoxicant) and one part of Helichrysum Italian HE, also known as immortelle. Keep the mixture in a small, easy-to-carry bottle. Inhale each time you have trouble overcoming a feeling of lack.
Put 1 drop of each HE: sassafras, sage, geranium, marjoram, lavender in a spoonful of honey or in a large glass of hot water with a dash of mint syrup, served with ice cubes, 3 times a day.
In diffusion
Diffusion into the atmosphere of the mixture: verbena + geranium + pine + cedar + mint, in equal quantities, to breathe all night or at least 3 hours per day.
In friction
Two frictions a day of the same mixture on the solar plexus, the back, the neck, the spine and the soles of the feet.


It will be used for gradual cessation.
• Staphysagria 15 CH: 5 granules a day, to relieve frustration.
• Nux vomica 15 CH and Ignatia 15 CH: 5 granules each per day, to reduce bad mood.
• PC Sedative: 5 granules 3 6 times a day, to calm anxieties and insomnia.
• Caladium 5 CH, 5 granules upon waking and Tabacum 5 CH, 5 granules at night to help the body to detoxify.
Do the treatment for 1 at 2 months, then space the catches.


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