Who was Kimpa Vita, the prophetess of the Kongo Kingdom?


Kimpa Vita, born between 1684 and 1686 in Mbanza Kongo (North-West of Angola) and died on 2 July 1706, is a prophetess Kongo (Ethnic Esikongo said San Salvador by the Portuguese), founder and leader of the Antonianist movement, which fought for the return to monotheism Kongo, and against the slave trade which was within the Kongo kingdom.

At the approach of her twenty years, when she was overwhelmed by the disease, she had a vision and heard a voice that asked her to preach the unity of the kingdom and the restoration of its greatness, to lead the people and to to raise the ruins of the capital.

(At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Kongo kingdom was torn apart by a civil war)

In 1703-1704, she undertook, politically, a campaign for the return to the capital of Mani Kongo, King Pedro IV. She called for the restoration of the unity of the kingdom and the restoration of Sao Salvador. She did not want her people to be dependent on the colonial powers, anarchy, looting and depopulation of the Kongo people by the slave trade. It announced the advent of the new times and the return to the Golden Age of the Kongo Kingdom.

She was arrested, tried by the Royal Council of the Italian Capuchins and sentenced with Barro his companion and their baby to be burned at the stake in the city of Evolulu

She died on Sunday 2 July 1706 at the age of 22 years ...

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