Spiritual Teachings of an Ascended Master of Black Africa

Enseignements spirituels d'un maître ascensionné d'Afrique noire
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Afra El Goeb Mr. Talah. First African ascended master. Ascend Master of Black Africa. He lived on earth a long time ago. He is one of the few black beings to have ascended. It actually comes from the so-called “blue” breed, known on Urantia Gaia (land) more than five hundred thousand years ago. Afra is the boss of Africa and the black race. Afra is the first member of the black race to climb. A long time ago he sacrificed name and reputation to sponsor a vast continent and a powerful people. When Afra climbed, he asked to be called simply “a brother,” or frater in Latin. And then the name “a brother” became Afra. The black race was originally part of what was called the blue race and the purple race. Their skin actually had a blue or purple tint.

These souls lived in a spiritually advanced civilization that existed on the continent of Africa. Every nation is called by God to manifest a specific virtue or to accomplish a certain destiny. The members of what is known as the black race were sent to the earth to master the qualities of God's power, his will and his faith (on the blue ray) and the qualities of God's freedom, justice and mercy (on the purple ray).

Afra lived 500,000 years ago when the people of this ancient civilization reached a crossroads. Fallen aliens and angels who had invaded the earth divided people. Well, this may look like fiction. But the truth is often stranger than fiction. These evil angels began to destroy the blue and purple races. They overturned the once sacred rituals and art forms of this people. They opened the door to witchcraft, voodoo and black magic. They turned the people towards hatred, superstition and the search for power. As people diverted their attention from their Divine Presence, they became increasingly vulnerable to the tactics of division to rule fallen angels. The African nation was divided by the warring factions of its tribes. People lost the spiritual battle between the forces of light and darkness in themselves.

And their division, both inside and outside, allowed them to be enslaved by aliens. Seeing the critical condition of his people, Afra incarnated among them to rescue them. First, he localized this missing quality which was the Achilles heel of his people. To speak allegorically, they followed Cain's example rather than following Abel's example. When the Lord asked the people of Afra whether they were ready to give their lives for their friends, their answer was the same as Cain's: “Am I my brother's keeper?” You will remember that God accepted Abel and his offering. But he did not accept Cain and his offering.

As the Genesis recounts, Cain was very angry and had his face slashed. Yahweh said to Cain, “Why are you angry, and why is your face broken down? If you're willing, won't you raise your head? But if you are not willing, is sin not at your door?” And Cain spoke to Abel his brother. And it came to pass that while they were in the middle of the countryside, Cain threw himself upon his brother Abel and killed him.

And the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” He replied, “I don't know. Am I the guardian of my brother?” Whoever answers no to this question devotes himself to his own ego and will never be the guardian of his brother. And eventually, the divine spark in him, the triple flame, will die.

Afra knew that many of his people had lost their triple flame, just as many black and white people now lose it because of anger. They would have to follow a path of fraternity. They should take care of each other. The only way he could teach them to be brothers of all was to be the brother of everyone himself. And because of this he was crucified by his own people. He was the Christ among them, but they knew not. They were blinded by their greed for power.

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Spiritual Teachings of an Ascend Master Captured by Channeling

I'm Afra, the African Master.

I want to address all of you, Brothers, Sisters, from Africa and elsewhere, all those who have the chance to use this tool, proof of a minimum of material facilities.

I know that your world is getting harder and harder to live, to your idea, but it is a continent, the very one for which I am responsible, where there are more areas of lawlessness, where famine, death, rape reigns, where only the strongest can speak and their voice is often the voice of weapons, where children are forcibly recruited into armed forces or systematically violated in order to take them to the steps. This continent of immense wealth is of interest only to businessmen who have nothing to do with the suffering of a people whom they think are inferior, as well as to those merchants who, in the past centuries, skimmed the coasts and hunted man into cargoes of goods destined for the whole world. Where do you think all these colourful beings come from all over the world, mainly in what was called the new world.

My Brothers, my Sisters, it is time to think about the misery of your brothers on this continent so often forgotten, whose leaders are for the most part as rotten as those whose grip they denounce on their national wealth. Will you then be surprised to see these people cross the oceans to find a better life in what they think is an Eldorado and a paradise?

Help them stay in their homes with dignity, live happily without fear of murder, rape, abduction of their children, help them by helping those who try to do their best to keep them safe, to have education, to change mindsets, to bring peace back to these troubled, oh yes troubled lands, where unpunished genocidal force the law of terror, the law of the strongest.

Help organisations that denounce these abuses, organisations that heal and heal wounds, organisations that allow even the poorest and girls on the same footing as boys to go to school, learn justice, and that they are all brothers and sisters, because only appropriate education can prevent new genocide.

Yes, my Brothers, my Sisters, by helping them, you are making sure that fewer immigrants, as you call them, will rise again and again the flow of destitute, undocumented and homeless in your countries so calm and peaceful alongside their own despite your daily problems.

When in a demonstration you are confronted with police officers and there is nevertheless a dialogue, imagine that in many parts of this continent confrontation with the forces of law and order for a little justice means DEATH! Imagine what the fear of law enforcement officers knocking on your door and taking one or more of your family members with no hope of return. Ask your elders, they know this feeling, they who have experienced war in your Europe. They remember fear, hunger, they can understand, but do they understand only the similarity of the situations I am talking about? The human being often has a short memory, very short.

Brothers, Sisters, when you cross your brothers and sisters of colour on the streets of your Europe, have understanding, compassion and feelings of Love for them. And think: what would you do for them in their situation?

It is up to you to ensure that this world changes, that everyone can return to the lands that saw them born without fear for the next day of their family, their loved ones.

Yes, you have the POWER to change things by acting without hoping to get anything in return than the good of men, women and children who have the right to live in peace and harmony with each other, but have NO right at home!

I'm counting on you. By uniting, one is stronger, and each one can do at his own level, one by giving to an association working on the ground for the welfare of these people, the other, perhaps unemployed, by going there to help, build, sometimes rebuild what war or the elements have destroyed, learn. There is so much to teach them to have a better life. They are destitute, so destitute next to the smallest of you who are still rich beside what they possess.

Here you go. I had to talk to you because winter is approaching in your regions and most of the newcomers from this Africa, which I love so much, do not even know the climate and living conditions that await them. Some will not survive your winter!

It is up to you, those who possess what they do not have, to help them stay in their own country!

Let Africa not be empty of its youth, of what is its strength!

Help them, help us!

Please do this for your brothers!