Return to the ancient one

Return to the ancient one
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Highness empress Verdiacee Tiari Washitaw (Washington) Tunica Goston El-Bey
Empire washitaw Dugdahmoundyah Mu’urs (moors) are descendants of the koushistes empires ;(olmecs ) Songhai malian and (morrocan) Ottoman empire
They are also called Choctaw (shabtau…. shabbaz) lay claim to the following land by and through bloodline
Her majesty ,her highness , the late empress Tunica Goston El Bey is the great great granddaughter of Mary antoinette
Six times remove and the rightful heir to the throne of France, Spain and England by the royal bloodline: De bourbon estate also know as the imperial international estate of the bourbon hapsburg empires with includes western europe:
the Netherland , Belgium Luwembourg , Switzerland ,Germany italy Sicily , Naples, Sardina , Spain and Portugal; As well as the most of north america and caribbean in addition to central and south america and all of the north america west of the imperial demarcation line (1713) or british royal proclamation line(1763)
This is the breakdown of the royal imperial of the washitaw Tunica mu’urs
The young heir to the french throne king Louis married the young heiress washitaw Tunica throne Ayimarieeyah
Their imperial mariage would become in 1795, pursuant to the conveyance of spanish land grants bestowed upon the heir Louis 17 and his wife and heiress Ayimarieeyah
These two would also receive the imperial spanish land of 1763.
As the recipients of both the 1762 and 1795 spanish land grants , king Louis 17 became know as Marquis de Maison Rouge , owner of Louisiana and Florida .
These land grant supersedes Rick Holley , president and CEO of Plum creek Timber is the state’s largest private land holders ‘s deed

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