Dimension change is imminent

L'ancien secret de la fleur de vie
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Drunvalo Melchizedek is a famous shaman and lecturer in the United States, living in Sedona, Arizona. About six years ago, after hosting a major yoga seminar in Washington, he shared surprising visions that his guides had just conveyed to him about the years 2010 — 2015.

Most of the world's great prophets and natives have already predicted that a “great transformation” will soon take place on earth, affecting all mankind. In the end, we see the matter clarified in the form of a change of dimension on a planetary scale, of global ascent to a new plateau of existence associated with Christic science, or consciousness of unity. In the final chapter, we will carefully study the great change itself and what we can deduce and understand from it. But in this chapter, we will look at the nature of dimension change and the wisdom that can be derived from it, what we can start living here on Earth so that all these changes are balanced and do not cause too much suffering. To grasp the nature of this change in dimension is to find a way to accelerate one's own spiritual growth and use it to the best possible extent during the time we have left to live on this magnificent planet.

A change of dimension, as its name suggests, is when a planet or any other cosmic body passes from one level of consciousness to another and from one dimension of existence to another. In our case, we will move out of the third dimension to penetrate into the fourth. In other words, the whole planet, of which everything that is on or inside or above it, will experience this true transition from one dimension to another. The Amerindians believe that we are all about to move from the fourth world to the fifth, a change that will be preceded by what they call “the day of purification”. There is a difference as to when or when, in their tradition, they regard the great void as a world and therefore do their calculations from from there. Therefore, the third dimension, from the perspective of the Melchizedek, and the fourth dimension, according to the Amerindians, are one and the same thing

If that is your choice, you too can understand the nature of this transformation into the next dimension of life, the next world. Even if it is likely to be a very rapid transformation, we can already see its nature and discern what these changes we are going to pass through. It also raises the veil about the events that are happening in the world right now and explains why they are there, which makes the mind and heart more penetrating as we go through this period of transformation.

The five or six hours before the change of dimension

From a human point of view, this phase is strange, even worrying. The Taos, the Indian tribe in which I was born when I first incarnated on this land [in the last century, NDE] (and which may well be the subject of another interesting little story), advising members of their population to stay in their traditional clay lodges, prevent the light from entering by pulling the curtains, avoid looking outside and praying. Attempting to see what is happening outside would cause fear, an emotion to avoid at all costs when dealing with this kind of situation.

Then a strange phenomenon will arise: the two dimensions will gradually overlap each other. You might be sitting there in your living room when something suddenly appears out of nowhere, without you being able to explain it to yourself. It will be an object of the fourth dimension that will have nothing to do with reality as you understood it until then. And you'll start seeing colors you've never seen in your life. They will be extremely bright and will look illuminated from the inside. Forms will emerge that you will not be able to explain yourself and that will appear to emit their own light rather than reflect on it. These objects will be the strangest things you've ever seen. Don't panic, stay calm, this is a natural phenomenon!

I strongly suggest that you do not touch these objects. If you do, it will attract you instantly and at an accelerated speed into the fourth dimension. It is more pleasant to enter it gradually. But if it is inevitable, that will be the will of God.

Changes in planetary dimension

Every individual who lives on this planet has already experienced a change of dimension. The only fact of being born on Earth is one. It is a cosmic fact. No matter where we came from, we all had to go through the great void before we embodied or reincarnated on earth, and this is indeed a change in dimension. On the day you were born here in the form of a little baby, you went through a change of dimension. You have moved from one world to another. It is only because of limited human memory that we do not remember anything.

The fact that we cannot remember where we were and what we were doing just before we were born has caused enormous limitations. One of them is our inability to control the impression (or reality) that there are only great distances to travel in the cosmos. In this world, in our reality, interplanetary or intergalactic distances are so great that we cannot cross them. We cannot even leave our solar system, because in our current state of consciousness, we are prisoners of our own home.

Is it not true? Travelling great distances in spaceship, according to our personal way of thinking time and space is impossible. Our scientific minds have already reached this conclusion. But of course, it is disheartening to recognize that we will never be able to leave our solar system with the means we know today. Let's say we want to get to the next star. Alpha from the Centaur, about four light years from Earth. If we were to use our current technology, we would have to travel for 115 million years. Humans do not live that long, for sure, and this star is the closest! An obvious impossibility. If we were to succeed, we should change our understanding of time and space.

The problem, and I think I have already said, is that we only consider time and space; we have lost the notion of dimensions of existence. But things are always perfect as they are, we now begin to remember it, just when we needed it most! It comes back to us first in our dreams, then in our films. All we have to do is think of Star Trek, Contact, Sphere and many others, all of which explore the idea of different dimensions of exercise. We will remember that, because God is always with us.

Let's do that. I will explain exactly what usually happens during a dimension change, and I will draw all the descriptions from my personal experience. Therefore, what will soon take place for all of us may be slightly different, as the universe itself constantly makes new experiences. It may be that some of you prefer that I tell you all this in the form of a small story, but I think that in this case a more direct method is appropriate.

The experience of a global dimension change

Remember that what I am about to deliver here is what a galactic text would reveal to you. This is just the usual scenario. There may be many different details, because life is flexible and adaptable, but if you know the norms, you can imagine the differences.

As we enter the new millennium, ascended masters feel that there will be very little violence as change approaches, as we return from afar on the path. We have worked well in our efforts to create a new human consciousness! I therefore want to ask you to relax and not worry anymore. Enjoy watching this transition. As you witness the perfection of life, you can be like the little baby you've always wanted to become again, if that's your case. Know that we will take care of you and that pure love is already guiding events. This wave of energy is so much greater than all of us that the best defense is still to abandon ourselves completely to it and to be, quite simply.

It is very likely that we have so far changed the ins and outs of this period of chaos, which normally should last from three months to two years. It is now believed in high places that the period before the change will probably be very short and will contain virtually no violence. Almost no warning of any kind is expected except for the transformation period itself, which will last from five to six hours. It is more than likely that you will wake up one beautiful morning and before sunset you will find yourself like a child in front of a brand new world.

The great void the three days of total darkness

In the end, the reality all in metallic gold coated weakens and gradually fades away. The gold colour, once vibrant and luminous, until the whole world is immersed in darkness, which turns to the most absolute ink black and envelops you within it. Your old world has now disappeared forever. You can't see anything, not even your hand close to your face. You realize that you are sitting on something stable, but at the same time you feel that you are floating in the void. Your familiar world no longer exists. At this point, have the will to feel no fear. There is no reason to be afraid anymore. The process through which you go is completely natural. You have just penetrated into the void, between the third and fourth dimensions, the great void out of which everything once appeared and into which everything returns one day or the other. You have reached the threshold between two worlds There is no sound, no light You experience the absence of any sensation.

There is nothing else to do but to wait and feel gratitude to God for the relationship that you still feel between you and this, or what is, of all eternity. And from there you will probably fall asleep and start dreaming. It's perfect. If you are not dreaming, it will seem that a long period of time is running out, even though it is actually only about three days.

Let us be more precise by adding that this period can last between half a day (the shortest period of time ever recorded) Normally, the period lasts three and a half days. This is a terrestrial day, an experiential period of time, not real, because time as we generally consider it does not exist. You have now reached the “end of times” that Maya, Christians or other groups speak of.

The New Birth

The experience that follows is rather upsetting. After floating in the darkness and darkness for about three days, it may seem to you, at a level of your being, that a thousand years have passed. It is then that in an unexpected way and in an instant, your world explodes into a blinding white light. It's the brightest light you've ever seen, and it takes a long time for your eyes to adjust and get used to the intensity of this new light.

It is more than likely that this experience will appear to you entirely new, and what you have in fact become compares to an infant who has just been born in a new reality. You start a new life again, like when you arrived on Earth. You came from a dark place to finally enter a world filled with light, but you were first blinded and confused. Well, this new experience is very similar to many points of view. Congratulations! You have just been reborn in a new world that is even more beautiful than the one you have just left!

When you finally adjust to the intensity of this new light — which may take some time, you see colors you've never seen before; in fact, you didn't even know that such colors could exist. Everything in this new experience of reality seems strange and unknown to you.

It is truly a new birth here. When you are born on earth, you are very small and continue to grow up until adulthood. In fact, we often think that the adult state is the end of growth. What I am going to tell you now may sound strange, but be aware that an adult human body in this third dimension is actually considered a child in the fourth dimension. And just like here on earth, we begin to grow further from there, until we reach adulthood in our new world. Indeed, people are much larger in the fourth dimension. An adult male is on average from four metres to four metres and an adult female is from three metres to three metres and seventy metres.

Your body will look solid, just like on earth, but if you compare it to that of the third dimension, it is not at all. It always has an atomic structure, but in a higher vibratory form. You have become a being composed of a lot of energy and very little matter. On Earth, you could easily cross a wall with this shape, but in this new reality your body is solid and firm to the touch. This new birth will be your last life in the world of structure as you have known it until then. In the fifth dimension that you will soon know after the fourth dimension, life is no longer expressed by forms. It is a state of consciousness, without form. You will no longer have bodies, but you will be able to be everywhere at once.

In the fourth dimension, time is extremely different. A few minutes on Earth correspond here to several hours, so you will reach adulthood in what seems to you to be two years old. But just as in this world, growing up is not the only purpose of the experiment. Certain levels of knowledge and existence would be difficult to imagine from the level of consciousness you will find yourself when you enter the fourth dimension for the first time. We can compare this to a baby here, who is still unable to understand what astrophysics is.

This unique transition

We have already explained to you what usually happens when a planet reaches the fourth dimension. We will now propose a new theory about what may be happening on Earth at the beginning of the 21st century and the third millennium. Occasionally, a planet may manifest an anomaly in order to make the transition easier. It will then reach the next dimension, but to do so, it must recreate the old dimension in such a way that it complements the old karma and thus make the transition into the new dimension more enjoyable. This is a rare but possible phenomenon that usually requires a high level of consciousness in order to be provoked.

According to Edgar Cayce, the Earth's axis was to be changed “during the winter of 1998”, but this phenomenon did not happen. According to other predictions, as of August 11, 1999, either Earth would enter another dimension, or it would self-destruct. Yet nothing similar has happened either. On the other hand, could it be that we are already in the fourth dimension without knowing it? It is possible.

The subject is so broad that I can barely limit it. Perhaps the best way to discuss this is to ask ourselves, “Where could this high level of consciousness come from, which would allow such a change to take place?” It is possible that it is through the new children who are born on the planet right now, whose consciousness is extremely developed compared to ours, and who have come here on earth for this only reason. Nowadays, many children are in fact very high level spiritual beings who have agreed to come to Earth to help us in this transition to a new world.

These gifted children have the capacity to take the initiative of this transition from our planet to the next dimension of existence, thanks to extraordinary means. It may well be that we are all seeing the miracle happening in front of our eyes right now, a historic event, if any. Thanks to their very high level of comprehension on a universal scale, they have the ability to recreate the world of the third dimension in that of the fourth dimension — in such a way that no soul is lost during the transition — which I believe is their most cherished desire. If that is the case, one could change the words of Jesus and say, “There will be many called, and everyone will be elected.” I think Jesus would be mad with joy. Indeed, this has always been the great dream of the universe; a transition in which no soul is lost, where everyone passes the exam successfully. A dream that has never come true to this day.

How could children save the planet in such an extraordinary way? Their innocence and purity, in the higher worlds, are the source of all harmonious creation. If these children really exist, it is good that God has already blessed us all with His grace.